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Advertising on via Google Adwords

Establish or Login to your Google Adwords account.

Combine both instructions...

To Manually Add Managed Placements
Go to the Networks tab at the ad group level.
Find the Display Network table, and click show details next to "Managed placements."
When the managed placement table opens, click + Add placements.
Type in the URL of the placement on which you'd like the ads in this ad group to show.
Click Save to add the placements to your ad group.

Here are the instructions you need to start advertising on the Google Display Network
1. Sign in to your AdWords account at
2. From the Campaigns tab, click the New Campaign button.
3. Do not check the Google search box. Within your campaign settings, scroll to the Networks, devices, and extensions section, click Let Me Choose under Networks, and make sure that the Display Network box is checked. If you want to limit this campaign to the Display Network.
4. If you want your ads placed automatically on partner pages related to your products, choose Relevant pages across the entire network. Or you can specify target sites yourself.
5. Select the bidding option you prefer, then set your campaign budget to a level you're comfortable with.
6. Click Save and continue. You can go back and change your settings at any time.

Additional Help from Google: 

Please call or email us regarding advertising on

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