10 Tips to Ace Your Phone Interview

Have a phone interview coming up? Try these 10 tips! 

Take it Seriously 

While phone interviews can seem like less pressure, you should still take them just as seriously as in-person interviews. The method may be different, but the intended outcome is the same — to land that perfect new job. 

Be Prepared

In the days leading up to the interview, make sure you do your research. Take time to review the company’s history by reviewing its website and online materials, review their future direction by scanning press releases and announcements, and familiarize yourself with the organizational structure and departments through LinkedIn. 

Stake-Out a Quiet Place

If you can help it, stay away from noisy places like coffee shops, the outdoors, or anywhere near your kids or loud pets. A private, quiet room will help you feel more comfortable answering questions while giving your interviewer the clearest chance of hearing what you have to say. 

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A study conducted by the University of Portsmouth found that most people are able to identify a smile by the tone of someone’s voice, which can go along way in making a favourable first impression. While we’re at it, keep a friendly tone too. 

Speak Clearly 

No mumbling! Make sure you speak clearly into the telephone so your interviewer can hear your every word. Keep a glass of water to help a parched throat from overspeaking. 


Prepare speaking points for commonly asked interview questions. Not sure where to start, take a look at these InsuranceJobs.com posts: 

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Bring Your Cheat Sheets

A few things are worth printing for your job interview: your resume, the job posting, and your speaking points. Ideally, lay the information out in front of you so your eyes can easily jump from one reference point to another. If you prefer digital to analog, keep tabs open on your computer but just remember that searching for information can often make you sound distracted to those without visual context. 

Take Notes

Keep paper and a pen handy for any notes that may come up, like names of important people, departments, projects or next steps and dates in the hiring process. 

Get Next Steps

What’s their timeline? When do they expect to have someone in the role? How many rounds of interviews are they conducting? When can you expect a follow-up? Not only will you want this information post-interview, but seeking this information also showcases your enthusiasm for the role. 

Follow Up

Within a few hours of your interview, be sure to send a quick note thanking the interviewer for their time. It’s courteous and considerate. 

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