8 (Really) Last Minute SFW Halloween Costumes

Whether you’re second-guessing your decision not to dress up for your workplace Halloween festivities, or you just really sat on it this year, here are 8 Halloween costume you can wear around the office!


Cat/Dog/Deer, etc.

Any animal is usually easy to pull off with little-to-no notice. Grab a headband, add some ears with paper or fabric, and draw on a nose or whiskers with eyeliner. Simple!

Instagram/@cherrycherrybeauty via Gurl.com

Starbucks Barista

Now that daily Chai Late you grab before work can serve a larger purpose – a prop for one of the easiest halloween costumes ever. The only additional material you need is a green apron and access to a printer to print off the Starbucks logo (which you can affix to the apron using tape).


Wednesday Addams

Black dress, white collar, braids. You’re done.

404 Error Message

Have a plain white shirt you no longer wear? Grab a sharpie and draw a 404 Error message.


The Fonz

Another simple Halloween costume idea that only requires thing you likely have at home already: a white t-shirt, jeans, and a leather jacket. Be sure to slick your hair back – Fonze-style.

A Piece of Art

In the off-chance you have a bowler hat laying around, use it to dress as René Magritte’s famous painting “The Son of Man”.

superpunch.net via Buzzfeed

A Monopoly ‘Jail’ Piece

Grab some white and orange bristol board, a sharpie, and some scissors. Voila!

Your Co-Worker

Wear normal work attire and print off your co-worker’s name on a nametag. It doesn’t get any easier than this.  

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