A Simple Tip To Keep Your Resume Updated

Career advice website The Muse has an ingenious and incredibly simple lifehack that will simplify your efforts to keep your resume (and LinkedIn profile) updated without wracking your brains or increasing your stress-level!

It’s simple: keep a folder in your email that acts as a ‘brag file’. Anytime you receive praise, new responsibility, new feedback, and/or new projects, add the email to your brag file for easy discovery when it’s time to update your resume!

When you’re ready, simply go through your brag file to refresh your memory on all your accomplishments over the weeks, months and years. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ve taken on, and how many things you’ve forgotten about.

How Often Should You Update Your Resume

Traditional wisdom recommends updating your resume every six-to-twelve months to ensure it accurately reflects your current employment situation. Keeping a brag file handy will help you accomplish this without breaking a sweat.


>> A Simple Trick to Always Keep Your Resume Updated | The Muse
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