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Carole Martin

Carole Martin is an expert on the subject of interviews. You could say that I am passionate about the subject - I eat, drink, and sleep the subject. I have interviewed thousands of people and have watched them make major mistakes and lose the job to someone else. Although I wanted to help them, I couldn't because I was on the other side of the desk. When I returned to grad school in 1993 to pursue my Master's degree, I made a decision to change what I did because I wanted to help people. I love having the ability of making a difference in people's lives.

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Choose the Right Words for Your Resume and Interview

By Carole Martin / January 24, 2014 /

Sometimes choosing the correct words in your resume and during an interview can make all the difference. The words you use to express yourself say more about you than you think. In fact, your vocabulary and the use of appropriate words say more about you than the message you are trying communicate. You are judged…

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Job Interviewing Question: Why Do You Want To Work For This Company?

By Carole Martin / January 11, 2014 /

You better have a good answer in mind. This question almost always comes up in one form or another. The first answer that comes to mind is, “Because you have an opening, and I need a job.” While this may be the truth, it is not an answer that will get you points in a…

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What to Say Regarding Hard to Explain Aspects of Your Work History.

By Carole Martin / April 7, 2012 /

Read this article if you might have trouble explaining why you were out of work, staying at home or are changing careers. Nobody’s perfect. But nobody wants to hear about your problems and baggage either. Especially in the job interview. Some people’s lives begin to sound like a Soap Opera because there have been so…

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