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Insurance Careers – Case Management

By Lisa Nichols / March 20, 2014 /

RN case management. Find one of the best paying nursing jobs when you take an RN case management job, one of the hottest healthcare jobs available today. RN case management jobs give nurses the opportunity to administer and organize patient needs for an insurance company. Case managers evaluate and plan nursing and health care needs…

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Insurance Careers: New Products

By Lisa Nichols / March 13, 2014 /

Product Marketing Jobs, Product Management Training, Duties and Pay. Product management jobs in insurance are on the increase. Overview includes product management training information and product marketing salary expectations.

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Insurance Career Path: Sales

By Lisa Nichols / February 12, 2014 /

Insurance sales jobs are at the core of any successful insurance agency or company. There are thousands of insurance sales jobs online, in trade magazines and in the newspaper. Before applying for insurance sales opportunities, find out if this career is a good fit:

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Insurance Claims Adjuster and Investigator Jobs

By Lisa Nichols / February 11, 2014 /

Insurance Claims Adjusters and Investigator Jobs Some of the most common insurance claims careers are adjusters, examiners and investigators: Claims adjuster jobs involve evaluating, investigating and settling claims. There’s a great deal of training involved in this insurance claims career. Claims adjusters have to learn the policy backwards and forwards and they must also learn…

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Insurance Agent Jobs

By Lisa Nichols / January 15, 2014 /

An insurance agent career can be fulfilling and lucrative. Agents help people protect their homes, businesses and personal belongings. Depending upon what insurance agent career path is taken, agents may also be helping others to protect their families. Insurance agents have unlimited earning potential. But is an insurance agent career the right choice? Insurance Agent…

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Insurance Internship Opportunities

By Lisa Nichols / December 11, 2013 /

There are a number of internship opportunities in insurance. Find intern jobs with an insurance company or agency in areas including marketing, claims and more. Internship Opportunities Available Now Internship opportunities for the summer are available now at

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Legal Nurse Consultant Jobs

By Lisa Nichols / November 24, 2013 /

Learn more about legal nurse consultants. RN case managers are one of the fastest growing careers in the insurance industry. Insurance companies need qualified nurses for jobs outside of case management, too. Legal nurse consultants provide a valuable service to health insurance companies. Learn more about this RN job opportunity to see if it’s right…

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Underwriter Jobs Overview

By Lisa Nichols / September 18, 2013 /

An insurance underwriting career is one of the best insurance company jobs. Many people “fall into” insurance career opportunities, and quickly become enchanted with the idea of an insurance underwriting career. An insurance underwriting career involves reviewing risk, the person or business buying insurance and the item being insured. Underwriters review insurance policies and coverages…

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Insurance Jobs: Writers & Artists

By Lisa Nichols / September 18, 2013 /

Believe it or not, there’s a lot of room to be creative in the insurance industry. In fact, most large-scale insurance companies have their own Marketing Communications departments with plenty of fun jobs available.

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Insurance Career Paths: IT Jobs

By Lisa Nichols / July 10, 2013 /

IT support or IT management professionals should consider a career in the insurance industry. Insurance companies and insurance agencies have jobs available for Web developers, network systems, technology management and other IT support specialists. There’s never been a better time to find an IT support or management job in insurance.

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