Do You Have to Give Two Weeks Notice?

Sometimes you find the perfect job only to be told they need you to start asap – as in, tomorrow! What do you do if you’re already employed? Do you have to give your current employer two weeks’ notice? 

Well, the short answer is no.

According to Drew Lunt at Employment Law Handbook, there are no federal or state laws that require you to give two weeks’ notice. 

“Most states have adopted the at-will doctrine which is a common-law doctrine that defines most employment relationships. Excluding exceptions, the at-will doctrine gives an employer the right to terminate an employee at any time, without cause or any reason. Likewise, employees are also allowed to leave their employment at any time and without a reason.”

Even without a legal requirement, some companies have policies requiring employees to give two weeks’ notice. Although you’re not required to follow the policy, a company may penalize you by forfeiting accrued vacation or benefits. 

What if I signed an Employment Contract?

Lunt writes: “Employment contracts fall under the at-will exceptions… If the terms within the contract require two weeks’ notice, the employee has a binding legal obligation to give the notice.” If you signed an employment contract, its best to seek a lawyer who specializes in employment law since each state has different laws about terminating employment under contract. 

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