Get Started Guide: How to Start Looking for an Insurance Job

As intimidating as it may seem, beginning your insurance job search can be broken down into smaller, more achievable steps that will have you applying for roles in no time!


Get Your Insurance Resume In Order

When beginning your job search, your energy should initially be focused on preparing your resume. Sometimes this means a few small additions, and other times it means a complete rewrite. Need help figuring out where your resume stands? Read More: Resumes — When to Update, and When to Start Over!

Once you’ve nailed down your content, it’s worth spending a few additional minutes working on the design of your document. An eye-catching resume can really move you to the top of the candidate pile. Read More: 5 Colorful Resume Templates and 5 Stylish Resume Designs.


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Get Your Social Media In Order

Hiring managers will often turn to social media to get a glimpse of potential candidates, so its wise to clean up your digital reputation. Remove any questionable content including pictures and posts from you socials and adjust your privacy settings accordingly. Another key step in the social phase is to ensure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and well-constructed. Read More: How To Update Your LinkedIn Profile.


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Sign Up for Job Alerts

The easiest way to find a new insurance job is to sign up for a free job seeker account at! Your personal job seeker account makes it easy to find great positions that fit your criteria, allows you to post and manage your resume and to set up email notification alerts so that you never miss an opportunity.

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Looking for a new insurance job? Sign up for a free job seeker account at to access the newest and freshest opportunities available. Your personal job seeker account is packed with tons of features to help you find great positions, manage your resumes, and set up email notification alerts. Get started today!