How to Answer: “Why Do You Want This Job?”

This popular interview question may seem intimidating at first, but crafting an effective answer really comes down to three main points: 1) illustrating what you like about the company, 2) tying your skills to the job, and 3) explaining how the role fits with your career goals.

While simple, crafting the right answer to this question will still require a little preparing the night before. So take a look at the following items, then begin drafting your answer using the tips below.

  • Information about the company, including its history, mission statement, corporate culture, and community programs
  • A copy of the job posting
  • A list of your skills and experience
  • Your future career goals


Discover What You Like About the Company

When researching ahead of your interview, write down what you find appealing about the company. Perhaps you’ve worked in the industry for years and have watched the company grow as an outsider, or you’ve known friends who worked for the company and praised its culture. You may even want to work for a company because of all of its charitable programs. Whatever the reason, begin your answer by explaining what you find most appealing about the organization. Can’t find anything? Then you’re either not looking hard enough, or the job isn’t right for you.


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Highlight Your Skills With Those Listed in the Job Posting

This is an excellent opportunity to explain why you’re a great fit for the role by mapping your skills and experience to the job posting. While preparing for the job interview the night before, review the job description thoroughly and examine how the skills you currently possess would be used. For instance, if the position requires several years of sales, now is a great time to mention that your past strength in sales is due to your enjoyment of both helping and meeting people, and another reason you were drawn to the position.


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Explain How This Position Aligns With Your Career Goals

Interviewers and hiring managers want to know that they’re hiring the right fit for the role as well as someone who intends to grow in the position. After all, hiring is a tricky business. Filing a role only to have to fill it again after a few short months or years, is not ideal. Use this opportunity to explain how the position fits into your career plan, and how you intend to grow within. Let them know how the role and company fit into your 5-year plan.

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