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RN Case Management is a job that offers independence and the opportunity to organize other nurses. Known as one of the best paying nursing jobs, Case Management is something to consider if you are looking to grow in the nursing field.

RN case management. Find one of the best paying nursing jobs when you take an RN case management job, one of the hottest healthcare jobs available today. RN case management jobs give nurses the opportunity to administer and organize patient needs for an insurance company. Case managers evaluate and plan nursing and health care needs for patients, or claimants, creating a plan of action for their long-term health and wellness.

RN Case Management Career Requirements

Men and women who have been working as RNs, but are thinking about new job opportunities, should consider a career in case management. It’s well known as one of the best paying nursing jobs, that’s also the most fun- and flexible. RN case management career requirements include:

  • · For this type of case management job, applicants need to be a licensed RN. Continuing education of some sort varies by state and employer but is usually required.
  • · Case management nursing jobs that pay the best may require a Master’s degree. Having several years’ experience as an RN or some home healthcare experience may also help prospective case managers get a bump in salary.
  • · Other hot healthcare jobs in case management hire social workers, LPNs and home healthcare workers.

RN Case Manager Job Duties

RN case management job opportunities offer a lot of independence and plenty of autonomy. What to expect with a RN case management job:

  • Independence goes hand in hand with this fun nursing job. Case managers often work from home or in the field, setting appointment times that work with their schedule.
  • This fun nursing job allows RNs to visit claimants in their homes, and then run interference with doctors and the insurance company.
  • The best nursing jobs in RN case management give nurses a lot of autonomy. It’s almost like being self-employed. Case managers set their own hours and handle most of the reporting and paperwork by phone or online.

Top Salary Nursing Jobs

Some of the nursing industry’s top salaries are paid to RNs in case management jobs. It’s true; top salaries are paid to RNs who work as case managers for the insurance industry. According to a 2005 salary survey initiated by the Case Management Society of America, most survey respondents (40%) made between $55,000 and $65,000 annually. Add in factors like an advanced degree, specialized training or other factors like years of experience or region where the job is located, and applicants just might find a nursing job that pays the best salary in the healthcare industry. Combine a top salary with bonuses, benefits and a flexible schedule, and the best nursing job sounds like a smart alternative to traditional bedside nursing.

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