Insurance Jobs in Florida: A Guide on What to Expect in the Sunshine State

Insurance jobs in Florida largely consists of Insurance Agents working with clients to meet all of their insurance needs, including homeowners insurance, health insurance, car insurance and more. Because Florida is known for the many retirement communities located there, life insurance is a popular insurance business found all over the state. Those with prior experience as Insurance Agents may not find it too difficult to obtain an insurance job.

Employment Rates

Major metro areas have reported recent job growth over the past year with Miami-Fort Lauderdale adding 13,700 jobs since April 2011, accounting for the steady increase in Florida insurance jobs. Tampa-St. Petersburg wasn’t far behind with 12,600 new jobs added, and Orlando with 5,300 jobs.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the insurance industry provided 137,219 jobs in Florida in 2010, accounting for 2.5 percent of the state GSP.

Progressive Insurance in Riverview, located just outside Tampa, recently hired 390 employees for their new call center. As the economy continues to pick up, we should see more insurance companies all over the state beginning their hiring processes. To view current opportunities, visit

Insurance Companies in Florida

Some of the largest insurance companies in the state include Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, Humana, Allstate and MetLife. To view all insurance companies currently hiring in Florida, visit

Salary Trends
Salary trends for Insurance Agents in Florida will vary depending upon the location of the job positions. The median salary of an Insurance Agent in Orlando, Florida is around $41,992, but can vary depending upon years of experience. In Tampa, the average Insurance Agent can expect to earn a median salary of $42,298. By traveling south to Miami, those in this line of work may earn an average of $44,000 per year while in Gainesville to the north, Insurance Agents average at $40,935.


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