Insurance Jobs on the Rise in Texas

 Ongoing since December 2011, this hiring frenzy can be attributed to both a strong state economy and recent changes in how certificates of insurance are administered. These changes have increased the workload of staff within most agencies, and have resulted in the recent hiring of many commercial lines account manager positions.

In addition to the new certification requirements, the strong Texas economy has attracted job seekers from out-of-state, resulting in a population surge in many smaller cities that eventually leads to a housing, auto and small business boom. As such, the insurance industry within Texas has also recently experienced an influx of new money from home insurance and full coverage automobile policies.

With the insurance field growing strong in Texas, many top insurance agencies are hiring. State Farm, which boasts the largest market share in Texas with 29%, frequently hires statewide. Allstate, Texas Farmers and Nationwide have also been hiring at a faster than average pace. With the average salary of $54,000, Texas insurance agents make about $10,000 more per year than the country’s average insurance agent. As the economy continues to grow, Texas insurance jobs will continue to be in demand, offering job availability and a comfortable lifestyle for local insurance agents.

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