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Jobs in Insurance for Writers and ArtistsBelieve it or not, there’s a lot of room to be creative in the insurance industry. In fact, most large-scale insurance companies have their own Marketing Communications departments with plenty of fun jobs available.

Some of the best Marcom careers in insurance include:

There are always graphic artist jobs at insurance companies. The best corporate artist jobs include everything from working on collateral materials like brochures to designing the company’s annual report- a real feather in the cap of any professional graphic designer. Expect to do some more mundane artist work, like redesigning policy jackets and rate manuals, too. And, most of the big insurance companies will provide you with Adobe design products, but won’t support a Mac. So start sharpening your PC skills before you apply for a graphic artist job with an insurance company!

  • Some of the best copywriter jobs are at insurance companies. Copywriter careers include writing and editing a company newsletter, content for sales and marketing materials and writing for the annual report, too. There’s a never-ending amount of information that needs to be communicated internally and externally to employees, clients and customers at an insurance company. It’s great job security for this coveted insurance advertising job!
  • Find an exciting public relations career in the insurance industry. PR jobs in insurance include writing and releasing information about natural disasters, working with local or national media on news and article placement and scheduling and masterminding events. Some of the most fun event marketing jobs are combined with other marketing communications careers, so you might find yourself doing public relations part time, on an as-needed basis. It’s a fun and rewarding job that changes all the time- so flexible people only need apply.
  • Web design and development jobs are plentiful in the insurance industry today. Many insurance companies are moving to Web based policy administration systems and they want all of the latest bells and whistles on their new websites. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is probably the next big marketing career at insurance companies. Like many all-new jobs in marketing communications, once management realizes how much effort it takes to blog regularly, write new articles and do on-line public relations, SEO jobs will move to the forefront of insurance company job openings.
  • Branding and corporate image jobs abound in the insurance industry. Insurance companies constantly do battle to establish a solid marketing presence, since it’s such a competitive industry. Brand management careers at an insurance company often involve doing double duty in a copywriter or graphic artist job. Selling the employees on the company branding concepts is a daily challenge of this fun marketing communications job.

Requirements for Best Marcom Careers

Some of the best Marcom careers are available with large insurance companies and the pay is competitive, as they want only the best graphic artists and copywriters in these jobs. An insurance background is helpful, but not required. In fact, many insurance companies give the best graphic artist and copywriter jobs to people with no insurance background at all- they give them to creative people who are the best fit for the job.

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