Explores Challenges Likely to Impact the Insurance Industry in 2013 offers a concise outlook for 2013 on the challenges likely to affect economic growth throughout the insurance industry. identifies regulatory pressures from the government and the nation’s fragile economy as key inhibitors to the industry’s growth.  Although these obstacles will prove trying, maintains that the insurance industry will continue to see pricing increases and ultimately margin expansion.

recent report from notes the insurance industry’s resilience in recent years as a key indicator of its future performance.  The report goes further to list reinsurers as the insurance professions to benefit most this year.  According to Zacks Investment Research, reinsurance prices are on the rise, giving reinsurers the capacity to meet demand for coverage and keep loss ratios within their budgets despite catastrophe losses.  Gradual capital growth for reinsurance professionals has helped the sector battle outside pressures from the ongoing economic crisis and government regulations. This could prove beneficial for those looking for reinsurance jobs.

Other sectors of the insurance industry, particularly health insurers, have seen decreased profits due to government reform.  Obama’s healthcare legislation, finalized in June 2012, has brought unwanted regulatory pressures to the health insurance industry which was previously dominated by private companies.  These private companies now have to shift current benefit structures to meet government regulations.  This undoubtedly will result in decreased profits as the sector adjusts.  Life insurers and property-casualty insurers are experiencing similar barriers to growth due to faltering U.S. economic markets.  Low interest rates have been particularly detrimental to profits for both sectors.

Across the board, insurance professionals must seek out methods to manage new government requirements and sustain capital growth moving forward.  While the low interest rate environment poses a great challenge to the insurance industry there is hope for growth. suggests companies focus on fine tuning pricing and underwriting schedules to bolster profits.  Limiting expenses in claims and underwriting is essential if companies wish to see continued growth. also encourages insurance companies adopt an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) approach as a part of their company culture.  The ERM framework will allow companies to smoothly transition amid changing government regulations.

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