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Within in the insurance field, legal nurse consultants are an important part of the health insurance process. Legal nurse consultants help those not in the health field better understand injuries and medical terminology.

Learn more about legal nurse consultants. RN case managers are one of the fastest growing careers in the insurance industry. Insurance companies need qualified nurses for jobs outside of case management, too. Legal nurse consultants provide a valuable service to health insurance companies. Learn more about this RN job opportunity to see if it’s right for you:

Learn More about this Exciting Nursing Job

Legal nurse consultants get to enjoy this exciting nursing job while providing a valuable service. The RN consultants in these jobs provide advice to litigators and companies on court cases that include medical issues. Legal nurse consultants do forensic medical consulting, helping people who don’t know enough about medical ailments and conditions better understand the aspects of a court case. The men and women who work in this exciting nursing job provide clients and employers with information about worker’s compensation, personal injury, product liability and a lot more.

RN Background Needed for Legal Nursing Jobs

Legal nurse consultants should be licensed RNs and have experience working in a hospital or clinic. A background in an RN consulting job is helpful, but not required. Legal nursing jobs require that you have effective communication skills. This RN job opportunity still includes working face to face with patients, during interviews. Technical RN skills are also part of this exciting nursing job. You’ll have to read and summarize medical records and reports and assist with depositions and trials.

Legal Nurse Consultant Job Requirements

There are a number of ways to make the switch to a legal nursing consultant career. The requirements for legal nursing jobs usually include getting a certificate or receiving certification online or in a classroom. Getting a certificate shows employers that you have legal nursing knowledge and skills. Certification involves taking classes and receiving a certificate at the end of the classes. You can also take other types of legal seminars or get certified as a paralegal. Strictly speaking, there’s no requirement right now for working in a legal nursing job. But as with any field, if you get some kind of training or a certificate for this RN consulting job, you’ll be a lot more marketable.

Availability of Jobs for Legal Nurse Consultants

Legal nurse consultants work for or consult with clients that include insurance companies, law firms and hospitals. Many of the hottest healthcare jobs for RN consultants are freelance. You can set your own hours with this exciting nursing job. It’s a growing field, and there are a lot of jobs available for qualified RNs.

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