LinkedIn Profile Skills: How & Why

Having the right skills listed on your LinkedIn page can really set you apart from the competition. In fact, LinkedIn insists that members with 5 or more skills listed on their profiles are “contacted up to 33x more by recruiters and other LinkedIn members, and receive up to 17x more profile views.”


How to Add Skills to Your LinkedIn Profile

Adding new skills to your profile is relatively simple: from your profile page, click on the section marked Featured Skills & Endorsements and click on Add New Skills.

If this section doesn’t exist on your profile already, click on the blue Add Profile Section button on the floating toolbar, then click + symbol underneath Skills. You are limited to 50 skills.  


Which Skills Should I List on My Profile

While specific skills vary by industry and career level, here are some general guidelines on which skills to include on your profile.

  • If you’re currently job-hunting – Add job skills that are typically required for the types of jobs you’re looking for, while ensuring they still fit within your past job descriptions.
  • If you’re not currently job-hunting – Add skills that reflect your goals and career aspirations, or the steps you’re taking to ensure your future goals are attained.
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