Which Questions Should You Ask in Your Interview?

Not asking questions at the end of an interview can signal unpreparedness to the hiring manager. It can also signal your inability to conduct due diligence. If you’re not asking questions, how will you know the role is right for you?

So which questions should you ask? If no questions come to you naturally, use the following advice from career expert J.T. O’Donnell: “Remember, we always tell you here at Work It Daily that you are a business of one, selling your services to an employer and you wanna make sure it’s a good partnership.” Use the four C’s to determine your questions: connect, culture, challenge and close.

  • Connect: Connect with the interviewer
  • Culture: See if this is the right corporate culture for you
  • Challenges: How can you solve this company’s challenges?
  • Close: Find out the next steps in their process  
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