This Week in Career Advice: How to Repair Your Bad Work Reputation

If you’ve recently suffered from a bad performance review, take the advice of a former corporate psychologist and know that not all is lost. Patrician Thompson of The Muse argues that embarrassing moments like these are surmountable: “During my career as a corporate psychologist, I’ve witnessed numerous professionals who used their negative reviews as a big-time reality check that spurred them on to greater success.” Here are some tips on how you can do the same:


Take the Criticism as Advice – Sure, it stings. Take some time to lick your wounds, then, try to understand the given feedback without your ego’s protective lens. It is only once you realize and accept your flaws that you can know how to improve.


Set Up Goals – Once you’ve made an effort to understand the criticism, plan out some achievable goals you can accomplish (particularly before your next review).


Create a Plan and Ask for Feedback – Take your goals step-by-step and ask for feedback from trusted co-workers or your boss to ensure you’re on the right direction. You should also keep track of your goals as you accomplish them – a great tool that will come in handy for next year’s review.


Improve Your Work Relationships – Do your best to improve your relationship with your boss and teammates in the areas where you need the most work. If you were told you were unreliable, try to be more consistent in your delivery dates with not only your boss but your teammates as well, since their opinion of you can help influence your reputation in your boss’ mind.


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This Is How You Repair Your Reputation After a Bad Performance Review | The Muse


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