Resume Advice from a Career Expert

What do real-life recruiters think when they look at resumes? Business Insider found out when they showed career expert Amanda Augustine from TopResume seven resumes.

Tips & Things to Avoid

Augustine’s advice can be distilled into the following key tips:

  • Put your most important selling points at the top of your resume.
  • Education is not as relevant once you’re further in your career – move it to the bottom of your resume.
  • Keep design elements simple: don’t assume people understand your logos or grading system (sometimes used for skill competency) and do not use headshots! If you’re using colors, ensure they’re legible (i.e. stay away from light colors that disappear on white paper)
  • Stay focused and on-topic. Remove general interests and keep achievements and volunteer work current.
  • Use proper punctuation, even in point-form. Don’t forget to spellcheck!
  • Don’t make the recruiter work too hard for the information. Keep the details in an easy-to-follow format.
  • Don’t cram information. Pair down unnecessary details or push information to a second page to avoid small, eye-straining font.

We showed real résumés to an expert and the feedback was brutal – Business Insider 

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