Should You Quit? 5 Signs You Should Leave Your Job

Knowing when to quit your job can be a struggle. Consider these 5 signs that it’s time to find a new job. 

You Dread Going to Work 

Everyone suffers from workplace burnout from time-to-time, but if you’ve been struggling with on-going low spirits and depression caused by workplace dissatisfaction, it’s time to move on. Prioritize your mental health, and find a job that better suits your disposition.    

Your Performance is Dropping 

You’re not reaching your goals, missing deadlines, and spending more and more time browsing Instagram. If you’ve noticed your own performance dropping, its possible others have too. Take your talents and drive elsewhere. 

You Don’t See a Future With the Company 

Stop waiting around to be recognized. Every moment you spend dedicated to a dead-end job is time you could be spending working yourself up a later elsewhere. 

You’ve Given Up

You just don’t care anymore. You’re not excited about new initiatives, and you don’t care about succeeding. You feel like nothing you do will make a lick of difference. 

Your Work Environment is Toxic

Perhaps you fear for your job security or you work with bullies and gossips. Toxic workplaces can take many forms, all of which are worth leaving.

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