The Top Performing P & C Insurers in the U.S., the leading insurance jobs website for insurance professionals, shares reports from the Ward Group on the nation’s top 50 property-casualty insurance companies.  Among those chosen for Ward’s 2013 list are GEICO, Assurant Group, ACUITY, and USAA Group.  Ward uses a variety of criteria for deciding who will make the cut. Ward compares each company’s performance with that of property-casualty insurance industry overall.  All companies must be financially stable according to Ward guidelines and have the ability to grow while maintaining healthy capital positions and underwriting results.  To qualify companies must also pass Ward’s primary safety and consistency tests.

Ward found that the return on average equity from 2008 to 2012 was 5 percent greater for property-casualty insurers on the Ward 50 list than the property-casualty industry overall.  In addition to higher return on equity, Ward’s 50 also grew policyholder surplus by 11.2 percent since 2008 compared to a mere 6 percent throughout the industry.  The group also saw an increase in net premiums written. This number grew 16.9 percent since 2008 compared to 8.2 percent growth across the property-casualty insurance industry.

Not only have the companies on Ward’s 50 achieved higher revenue than those throughout the industry they have also consistently had lower expense ratios.  According to the report, expenses relative to revenue were 9.3 percent lower for the Ward’s 50 property casualty group of companies than any other.

To see the full list of companies ranked click here.

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