This Week in Career Advice: Joanna Coles' Success

Joanna Coles, the first person to hold the position of Chief Content Officer for Hearst Magazines, recently sat down with Moira Forbes to discuss some key learnings from her decades-long career in publishing. In the interview below, Coles discusses her key to success, her early career in publishing, her advice to young women, and more.

Some highlights from the interview include:


On working hard(er)

“The one thing I will tell you is when I have been in a situation when things weren’t going as well as I’d hoped, the only solution I’ve ever found that really works is to double down on the work and just do more work and do it better and harder.”


On confidence

“Confidence is something that grows the more practice you have and the more response you get.”


On her early career in newspaper

“There was no sense of stability. You had no idea what you were going to be covering, and you would have to master a brief efficiently, effectively, and reliably really quickly, and I loved it.”


On the benefit of being underestimated

“If you’re coming from the back people don’t see you, which is always good.”


On her advice for young women

“It is so much more fun being in charge. And it is so much easier being in charge: you have more money, you have more support. You have more bureaucratic support around you, and the conversation around women’s careers is, for the most part, always in terms of how do you juggle, how do you manage having a family and having a job? And actually, the crazy thing is – what all really senior women will tell you is it’s so much easier running the show.”  


Watch the full interview on Success with Moira Forbes below.



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