This Week in Career Advice: LinkedIn Summaries VS Resume Profiles

Why is the Linkedin Profile Summary section so hard to fill out? If LinkedIn is essentially a digital representation of your resume, why can’t you just use the same professional summary copy from your actual resume?

The truth is the LinkedIn Profile Summary section is so much more than what people often include on their resume. For one, it’s much longer and affords you a greater opportunity to explain your professional superpowers. And two, it’s meant to target a completely different audience. While resumes should be tailored to specific jobs, Linkedin Profile Summaries should be broader and written to advertise your skillset for several opportunities. With all the recruiters and hiring managers who may come across your profile looking to fill a particular role, you’ll have to cast as wide a net a possible.

The Balance, a personal finance website aimed at helping users find financial empowerment, encourages users to really think about who will be reading this section. Unlike a resume, the target audience for a LinkedIn Profile Summary is not only an HR recruiter or hiring manager. It’s also a search engine. Be sure to include many important keywords to this section that highlight the skills hiring managers are looking for.

To read more, including examples, visit The Balance.


How to Write a Good LinkedIn Summary With Examples | The Balance

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