This Week in Career Advice: How To Recharge Without Taking Vacation

You’re short on vacation, but long on desire to change things up. How can you recharge without booking time off? The Muse’s Kat Boogaard offers three tips:


A Change of Scenery:
Studies have shown that humans are context-dependant so a change in scenery, even as slight as a new computer wallpaper, can help to trick your brain into shaking off any negative feelings you’ve associated with your job or office.


Switching Up Your Routine:
Making changes to your routine can help give you the sense of newness you’re looking for.


Try to Unplug:
While disconnecting from your phone may not be realistic, Boogard recommends you try to at least step away from work emails to give yourself a break.


Read more at The Muse.


3 Ways to Recharge When You Can’t Just “Take a Vacation” | The Muse


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