This Week in Career Advice: Resumes — When to Update, and When to Start Over!

As your professional career advances, so do the number of professional accomplishments. Over time, this can translate to many different job titles, and ultimately, a decision between continuing to update your resume as it currently stands and starting over again. Which option should you choose? 

Glassdoor enlisted the wisdom of a professional resume writer to help you determine which option is the best solution.

When You Should Start Over

If you’re looking to switch to a completely new job (ie jump up to a management or executive type role), you should consider redesigning your resume to showcase a set of skills that qualify you for the new role, rather than your current resume which likely focuses on each role you’ve had up to this point. This often means switching to a functional resume from the more common chronological resume. A functional resume moves focus away from each position you’ve had by highlighting your major career accomplishments first.

Switching to a functional resume is also a good solution if you need to omit certain parts of your career, like significant gaps in your work history.


When You Should Update

On the other hand, if you’re not jumping seniority levels, you often do not need to overhaul your resume completely, mainly if it’s been successful in helping you land new job opportunities.

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