This Week in Career Advice: How To Say No at Work

Learning to say no at work is a tough-to-master, yet valuable skill. So when should you say no, and how? Undercover Recruiter explains:

“The primary reason you should say no to a project is when you feel that your taking it on will be to the detriment of the finished product (or will reduce the quality of something else on which you are currently working). There are several reasons that could be the case and you must ask yourself these rather pointed professional questions every time you are assigned a task.”


  • Are you the right person for the job? Is your skill set adequate enough to complete the task?
  • Will this affect your ability to complete other work? Will you be able to handle the additional workload?
  • Is this to the detriment of the company? Do you fully understand the project?


Carefully consider the answers to these questions. If after careful thought, you realise you’re not the right person for the position or you simply cannot handle the extra workload, learn to say no the right way. Be upfront, be honest, offer an alternative solution and be open to future projects.

Read the infographic below for more tips on how to say no at work.

How to Say No at Work | Undercover Recruiter

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