5 Soft Skills Insurance Job Seekers Should Add to Their LinkedIn Profile

Here on InsuranceJobs.com, we come across a lot of insurance job postings – thousands to be exact! And while different jobs require different skills and experience, a few soft skills are transferable and desirable in almost any position.

Below are five of the most commonly listed soft skills employers on InsuranceJobs.com look for when posting a new opportunity. If applicable, add these skills to your resume and LinkedIn to stand out amongst the competition.


As an insurance professional, you’ll be expected to communicate effectively in person, in writing, and over the phone. While this soft skill can often be overlooked be resume writers, being an effective communicator is one of the most important soft skills any employee can possess. It can help you better understand your customers, their needs, and how best to respond to their inquiries. For these reasons and many more, a skilled communicator is often a top-tiered requirement for most insurance jobs.

Customer Service

The ability to deliver friendly customer service is a pre-requisite for most insurance jobs. And believe it or not, good customer service is hard to find. If adding this skill to your resume, it would also be beneficial to include any measurements of success, ex. award for shortest call time, 4.5-star rating among 200 reviews, etc.

Team Player

Being a team player means you can collaborate with others and work towards a common goal. Employers like to see that you’re cooperative, can take direction and can execute.

Time Management

Being able to deliver projects on time and effectively, especially when multi-tasking is involved, is important to any manager’s bottom line. They need a reliable worker who can confidently deliver within the stipulated time period.


Work is often imperfect – hours change, roles changes – hiring managers want to know their team members are flexible enough to change with the circumstances.

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