How to Handle Valentine’s Day at Work

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and love is the air! With Valentine’s Day falling on Wednesday this year, it’s important to remember how best to handle the holiday at the office. As says, “Cupid would never make it past security for a reason. Love may be the motto for February in the card aisle, but in the office the keyword is discretion.”

Remember these tips for a professional workplace Valentine’s Day.

Tone Down the Gifts

If you’re the one ordering gifts for a significant other, be mindful of their workplace. Don’t order a serenading Cupid to their office. While a bouquet of flowers is fine, a life-sized teddy bear delivery crosses a line.


Don’t Be a Wet Blanket

You may not have a special someone in your life at the moment, but tone down the anti-Valentine’s Day sentiment. Don’t ruin the day for other people.


Don’t Profess Your Love A For Coworker

Have a crush on a special someone at the office? Today is not the day to reveal your romantic feelings. “But for every Jim and Pam in The Office, just remember there are 10 Michael & Jan fiascos that leave a trail of destruction in their wake. So, even if you’re convinced the redhead in accounting is your soulmate, don’t go all Hollywood in the office. You don’t have complete control of this script and plot twists happen. Wisdom dictates not creating that sort of memorable moment at the job that’s your home away from home.


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