How to Self-Promote: 3 Easy Steps

Working hard, but still not getting ahead? Stop letting your results speak for themselves. You need to learn how to self-promote. 

Are you cringing already? 

Self-promotion doesn’t come naturally to everyone. It can feel boastful and arrogant, especially since modesty is often conflated with being a ‘nice person’. But let’s stop that way of thinking right here. Self-promotion is a reality of the modern business world. So stand up and get noticed — its time to get yours.  

Why Self-Promote?

The simple truth is your boss is busy. They’re likely not paying attention to every one of your achievements, especially if they’re managing a team of several people. It’s your job to let your bosses know what you’re up to, and how well it’s going. Sound awkward or uncomfortable? We’ll start slow, with these 3 easy steps. 

Highlight Your Wins

Sure, your manager knows about the crowning achievements, but what about all the small wins along the way? These are important too. 

Don’t wait until your review to speak up about your achievements. Do it in real-time. Send an email briefly stating your win and the result for the company. Remember: good news for you is good news for your manager and the company. And managers like giving their boss good news too – big or small. 

Share With the Team

Take a few seconds at your next company or department meeting to share your wins, while also giving kudos to those who helped you/your team accomplish your goal. Making your success everyone’s success can help take the sting off self-promotion while giving your achievements larger visibility within the organization. But use discretion – this tactic may not work at your office, depending on your meeting dynamics.

Take It Online

Set yourself up as an industry expert by sharing your knowledge on platforms like LinkedIn. Write articles and posts about your accomplishments and what you learned along the way. Extend your network, join groups, and comment on other people’s articles. Your boss will notice, current or future.

Looking for extra credit? Google Digital Garage offers a Build Confidence With Self-Promotion online class for free. Learn more. 

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