Is Now a Bad Time to Quit?

Now may not feel like the best time to quit your job. 

We’re in the middle of a global health crisis. Most of the world’s workforce is working from home. Over 33 million Americans have been laid off, and the jobless rate continues to soar to levels not seen since the Great Depression. 

But what if you really, really want to? 


Is now a good time to quit? 

Believe it or not, many companies are still hiring – even in the middle of a pandemic. 

While the number and type of open positions may have changed, your job search should continue. It never hurts to look. See current insurance job postings. 

Ultimately, times are uncertain. Leaving one job for another is always a risk, but your mental health and job satisfaction may be worth taking the chance. If you’re deeply unsatisfied at your current job then it’s time to channel your energy into a job search. Read more: You’re Unhappy at Work. Should You Quit?


What if you don’t have something else lined up? 

With so much economic uncertainty, leaving your job now and living off your life savings is not a great game plan. No one knows where the economy will be in 3, 6 or 12 months, but one thing is for certain – the economy will not wait for you to be ready to work again. 

Another thing to consider – life is stressful right now, and anxieties are high. Making a major life decision will take thorough consideration. If you’re unhappy at work, can you speak with your boss about possible changes? Could implementing professional boundaries ease some of the tension you’re feeling? Look at repairing your current situation before taking a leap of faith in today’s economy. 

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