Three Tips To Help Nail Your Telephone Interview

Telephone interviews are often used as a qualifier: do you meet the basic screening criteria, and do you pass the test? If yes, you move to the next step — the one-on-one interview.

Here are three tips to help you get past this initial telephone interview phase, and help you on your way to a new job.


Take It As Seriously As An Interview

Prepare — research the company, the role, and how your skills align with the position. Prepare possible interview questions, and rehearse a few scripts about yourself and what you’re looking for.


Familiarize Yourself With Your Talking Points

Be well-versed in your areas of strength and skillset so that you can bring them up naturally in conversation. Use opportunities to sell yourself while also letting the phone screener get to know you. Pro Tip: keep a copy of your resume and the job description on hand for reference during your phone call.


Keep Your Environment Distraction-Free

Take the call in a private, distraction-free location. Tell roommates, significant others or coworkers about your call ahead of time (but not necessarily the type of call you’re taking), and get your pets something to play with so they’ll leave you alone. Remember: distractions, small and large, are often apparent to the other person on the line.

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