Top Soft Skills of 2020

In the past, we’ve often discussed the value and transferability of soft skills (see here for a refresher) and praised their value among those seeking a career change. But did you know that career pivoting among Generation Z is becoming more and more common, with half of all professionals who change jobs moving into different industries altogether? Further, one-fifth of professionals under the age of 24 have already had 4 or more full-time jobs. With so many people changing careers, brushing up on new soft skills is becoming ever more important to the modern job-seeker.

With that in mind, LinkedIn Learning compiled the most sought-after soft skills of 2018 based on their most popular courses.

2020’s Most Popular LinkedIn Learning Courses

  1. Body Language for Leaders
  2. Making Recruiters Come to You
  3. Time Management Tips Weekly
  4. Excel Tips Weekly
  5. Communicating with Confidence
  6. Happiness Tips Weekly
  7. Negotiating Your Salary
  8. Option B: Building Resilience
  9. Excel 2013: Advanced Formulas and Functions
  10. Creating Great Workplace Habits

Interested in improving your skillset? Check out LinkedIn Learning’s 12,000-course library.

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