This Week in Career Advice: On Being Groomed for a Job You Don’t Want

What should you do if you’re being groomed for a role you don’t want? Work It Daily career expert J.T. O’Donnell believes you aren’t necessarily stuck. While you may decide to leave the role altogether — and it may come to that, your other option could be to determine why you’re unhappy, which role you actually want within the organization, and what value you’d bring to the company if you made the switch. From there, it’s time to have the hard conversation with the higher-ups. Sound tough? Don’t worry, O’Donnell provides a sample script:

“This is a really tough conversation for me. I know you’re grooming me for this position, and I’m grateful that you believe in me and support me. However, my challenge is that it doesn’t align with my vision for my own career. Here’s why…. [insert reason]. Now, I do see an opportunity for myself here that aligns with my vision… [insert position and why you feel it’s a better fit for you]. More importantly, here are a few reasons why it would benefit this organization if I moved into this role instead [insert value add].

Watch the video below for more!


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