You're Unhappy at Work. Should You Quit?

You’re tired of your job — what now? Should you quit?

Career coach Linda Raynier believes that quitting isn’t always the right answer. In fact, most people quit their job prematurely – that is, without a real plan, only to end up taking a job similar to the one they had and hated previously.

She argues there are two kinds of reasons why people quit their jobs:

  1. They’re unhappy, not challenged, or frustrated with their current situation
  2. They’re ready to move on to a new opportunity and have a clear idea of what that new opportunity is.

If you find yourself in the first bucket, quitting your job may not be the answer. Quitting due to unhappiness or frustration can give you an immediate sense of relief, but it often comes at the expense of a well-thought out move. Unhappy quitters want to get out of their current situation as quickly as possible. They don’t spend much time thinking about what they really want to do next. As such, they often find themselves in a new job similar to the one they left.

Quitters who plan their next role are more often satisfied in their decision to leave. They prioritize career growth and experience.

Learn more about when and why you should quit in the video below!

I’m tired of my job. How do I know if I’m ready to quit? | Linda Raynier

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