Insurance Jobs Down Slightly in November 2016 After 10 Months of Growth

Leading Insurance Career Site, Shares Employment Trends from the Insurance Industry.

  Leading Insurance Career Site, Comments on Insurance Employment Trends from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Economic Situation Report   The insurance industry lost 1,300 jobs in November, a drop of 118 percent from the 7,100 insurance jobs gained in October, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Economic Situation Report released on…

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Why Hiring Managers Don’t Care About Your Degree

You’ve got a Masters Degree from a great university, and not much else! How can you make hiring managers see the value in your degree? A reader asks Alison Green on Ask A Manager, “I know it sounds whiny, but why does no one care about my degree? ”   Green wastes no time getting…

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What’s the Policy on Office Holiday Parties?

Are you dreading your office holiday party and already thinking of excuses to bow out? If your boss expects you to attend or you feel pressure to make an appearance, Ask A Manager’s Alison Green suggests you suck it up and get into the Holiday spirit. She says: “…There are other companies where you’re really expected…

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