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Tips for Experienced Insurance Job Seekers

Older professionals who are seeking new positions in today’s difficult job market already know that even though age discrimination is illegal, it’s still widely practiced among some employers. Getting an interview can often be difficult for older applicants. For that reason, well-tailored insurance resumes that downplay age and highlight achievements is essential in today’s job search.…

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Insurance Jobs on the Rise in Texas

 Ongoing since December 2011, this hiring frenzy can be attributed to both a strong state economy and recent changes in how certificates of insurance are administered. These changes have increased the workload of staff within most agencies, and have resulted in the recent hiring of many commercial lines account manager positions. In addition to the…

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The Importance of Customer Service in Claims

The Property and Casualty Insurance industry is facing hostile market conditions with the dramatic and sustained downturn of the world’s economy and the devastating catastrophe losses experienced in the last decade. Great pressure is being placed on the solvency and the perception of financial stability of some insurers and the reinsurance companies undergirding them. Some…

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