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Insurance Jobs Up By 4,100 in December, Down Year-Over-Year

Leading Insurance Career Site, Shares Employment Trends from the Insurance Industry.

Leading Insurance Career Site, Shares Insurance Employment Trends from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Economic Situation Report   The insurance industry gained 4,100 jobs in December, according to preliminary numbers revealed in the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Economic Situation Report released on Friday, January 6, 2017. “Since the beginning of the year,…

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How Long Should My Resume Be?

After working multiple jobs over several years, it can be tempting to include your entire work history on your resume. But should you? The short answer is no. Generally speaking, you should limit your resume to two pages and only include the most relevant and recent positions you’ve held. Forbes’ Liz Ryan argues “your most…

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They Did What? Terrible Interview Behavior to Avoid

  A recent CareerBuilder survey on common interview mistakes revealed some truly terrible workplace behavior, including answer texts messages during interviews, dressing inappropriately, and being caught in a lie. Unfortunately, the bad interview behavior doesn’t end there. The 2017 CareerBuilder survey also asked hiring managers to recount specific instances of terrible interview behavior and the…

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Why You Should Love Your Job And Your Salary

What should you do if you’re lucky enough to love your job, but earn a measly salary? A cash-poor reader asks Forbes’ Liz Ryan; “My problem is simple. I love my job, my boss, and my co-workers. I just can’t live on my salary.” Ryan believes there are only two reasons why someone would continue…

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