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Bob Thomas is the resident insurance employment expert. He has over a decade of experience in insurance employment consulting.

Customer Service Jobs in the Insurance Industry

By Bob Thomas / April 5, 2020 /

Cordially interacting with the customers of a company, addressing all their concerns and queries politely and resolving complaints effectively are some of the skills of customer service executives. The job of insurance customer service executives and managers is not an easy one. It calls not only for a polite interaction with the client but also…

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Insurance Claims Adjusters Job Description

By Bob Thomas / March 22, 2020 /

Experienced insurance claim adjusters do have excellent prospects in the industry. The job of an insurance claim adjuster involves excellent analytical and people handling skills. Clients can get very demanding and it may be necessary to work during late evenings and on weekends. Examining numerous documents including police reports, court records and medical records and…

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what to expect as a health insurance sales agents

Health Insurance Sales Jobs: What to Expect

By Bob Thomas / March 18, 2020 /

With a positive outlook through the next decade, health insurance sales jobs are a popular career choice for new and recent grads. Before entering this facet of the insurance employment industry, read ahead for information on what you can expect from this profession. Health Insurance Sales Agents: The Basics Health insurance sales jobs require you…

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Loads of Insurance Actuarial Jobs in the United States

By Bob Thomas / March 13, 2020 /

In the insurance industry, all financial calculations are done by actuaries. Actuarial jobs in insurance companies involve the calculation of insurance premiums to be paid by different customers and also define the logic behind such premium payments. If you have been into an actuarial job for some time, you know how

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Jobs for Experienced Insurance Sales Professionals and Insurance Agents

By Bob Thomas / March 12, 2020 /

Marketing and selling is not easy especially in the insurance industry. This is why insurance companies in United States look for experienced insurance agents – professionals who have the forte and proven expertise in the domain of insurance sales. Convincing people on the merits of your company’s insurance products accident, casualty, health issues, property, and…

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The Importance of Customer Service in Claims

By Bob Thomas / March 11, 2020 /

The Property and Casualty Insurance industry is facing hostile market conditions with the dramatic and sustained downturn of the world’s economy and the devastating catastrophe losses experienced in the last decade. Great pressure is being placed on the solvency and the perception of financial stability of some insurers and the reinsurance companies undergirding them. Some…

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Insurance Underwriting Jobs

Insurance Underwriter Jobs: What to Expect

By Bob Thomas / March 1, 2020 /

Insurance underwriter jobs assess the risks that may be involved with extending insurance to a particular group or individual. They are responsible for determining how much coverage to offer as well as the amount of the insurance premiums. Underwriting jobs may include working in areas such as auto, health, life and property insurance. Their work…

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Better Opportunities for Professionals in Insurance Underwriting

By Bob Thomas / February 13, 2020 /

There is no dearth of jobs in the U.S. insurance industry for those with relevant educational qualifications and some professional experience in the field. Insurance underwriting is a segment of the industry that calls for a lot of analytical skills and the ability to judge the financial background of people applying for insurance.

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Leading Insurance Career Site, InsuranceJobs.com Shares Employment Trends from the Insurance Industry.

InsuranceJobs.com Reacts to Affordable Care Act’s Effect on Insurance Employment

By Bob Thomas / May 30, 2014 /

Leading Insurance Career Site, InsuranceJobs.com Shares Employment Trends from the Insurance Industry Over the past year, health and medical direct insurance carriers have seen employment gains unheard of in the insurance industry.   According to Property Casualty 360, a reported 1,200 positions were added to the health insurance subsector in March alone and a reported 19,300…

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Insurance Industry Reports High Yields

By Bob Thomas / April 28, 2014 /

Last year marked one of the most profitable years for the insurance industry since the economic downturn in 2008.  According to Property Casualty 360 the net income for insurers in 2013 was $63.8 billion.  That’s up from $35.1 billion in 2012.  These numbers cover property and casualty insurers in the private industry.   Largely responsible for…

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