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Insurance Claims Adjuster and Investigator Jobs

Insurance Claims Adjusters and Investigator Jobs Some of the most common insurance claims careers are adjusters, examiners and investigators: Claims adjuster jobs involve evaluating, investigating and settling claims. There’s a great deal of training involved in this insurance claims career. Claims adjusters have to learn the policy backwards and forwards and they must also learn…

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Experienced Insurance Claims Adjusters

Experienced insurance claim adjusters do have excellent prospects in the industry. The job of an insurance claim adjuster involves excellent analytical and people handling skills. Clients can get very demanding and it may be necessary to work during late evenings and on weekends. Examining numerous documents including police reports, court records and medical records and…

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Insurance Sales as an Area of Growth Within Insurance Industry Reacts to Bureau of Labor Statistics Mass Layoffs Report

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) “Employment Situation” report released April 5, 2013 detailed shifts in employment across industries. According to the report there was a .05 percent decrease in the seasonally adjusted number of workers in the insurance industry from February 2013 – March 2013. This marks a complete deviation from the path…

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